One of These is not Like the Others

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Oddly enough, the odd one out here is not the odd one at all. Well, I guess that depends on who you ask.

Whenever tranny porn passes my desk (I work in the porn industry) I still sometimes play a little game of ‘spot the tells’, even though I can by now spot one a mile away. Other than the obvious of course in the case when they are naked it is always the hands and feet that is a dead give-away and it hold true here too.

As a whole though, as far as transsexual porn is concerned, this one of the better sites, but admittedly we have come a very long way and these days there are many very decent options if this is what gets your heart racing.

As such, I would like to tell you about this sweet list that has been put together where you can get discount on hundreds of shemale porn sites.

If you can’t find a deal here that tickles your fancy and suits your pocket then quite frankly, you’re not going to find one at all.