Hundreds of HD Tranny Porn Movies

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There is so much shit that I need to get done today, but i am having a lot of trouble finding any Monday motivation. All I really want to do is procrastinate by looking at porn. It’s a lot more enjoyable than phone calls and errands.

While checking out my usual spots this morning, I came across 83% in savings with this Tranny Pros discount and decided to swoop in on the deal. It’s been a while since I visited the site and I was looking forward to checking it out again. As I expected, it was still awesome.

Tranny Pros has a really great variety. There are sweet ladyboys, sassy shemales, and glamorous TGirls. A lot of the models are passable as cis chicks and others are hot exactly as they are. I saw some impressive cocks as well as a few small ones.

The sex is great here, with trannies getting their asses plowed and left gaping. There is a ton of deepthroat blowjobs and ass licking too. It’s all in Full HD and there are hundreds of hardcore videos to explore. I think it’s the perfect way for me to blow off my other responsibilities.

One of These is not Like the Others

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Oddly enough, the odd one out here is not the odd one at all. Well, I guess that depends on who you ask.

Whenever tranny porn passes my desk (I work in the porn industry) I still sometimes play a little game of ‘spot the tells’, even though I can by now spot one a mile away. Other than the obvious of course in the case when they are naked it is always the hands and feet that is a dead give-away and it hold true here too.

As a whole though, as far as transsexual porn is concerned, this one of the better sites, but admittedly we have come a very long way and these days there are many very decent options if this is what gets your heart racing.

As such, I would like to tell you about this sweet list that has been put together where you can get discount on hundreds of shemale porn sites.

If you can’t find a deal here that tickles your fancy and suits your pocket then quite frankly, you’re not going to find one at all.

Grooby Girls: Formerly Shemale Yum

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If you haven’t heard of Shemale Yum, or Grooby Girls, you’ve been missing out my friend. This is the place to be for sex-positive transgender porn. That doesn’t at all mean that’s its soft and too sensitive about the issue, either. You will experience hardcore fuck sessions between beautiful tgirls and men, as well as some ladies too. Here’s where you can save 45% off now on Grooby Girls with this discount. They’ve got tons of sites and tons of trans niches.

Still, if you don’t believe me and would like to check out a few more options for yourself before you decide, here’s where you can find top shemale porn deals. Trans500 is another good one (I think) for some high-quality tgirls and videos. You might also enjoy Big Cock Shemale Gangbang for some hot entertainment. Any deal here is going to save you some cash, as much as 85% OFF full price! Find the one for you and give it a go. Don’t forget to bookmark the page and save it to your favorites!


Get half off on with this coupon!

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Are you still trying your hardest to pick up men for gay sex the old fashioned way? I bet that isn’t working out that well for you. I’d even go so far as to say I bet the last time that you fucked a guy in the ass was ages ago. I’m getting more ass and dick than I’ve ever had before and you guys are welcome to join me.

It all starts from the moment that you get 50% off with this discount link. Once you’ve done that you and that lucky cock can run a muck within the 8 network sites that are on offer. In total they have around 1,800 exclusive scenes, 6,500 DVD bonus scenes and of course high resolution images.

If there ever was a complete collection of gay porn the network surely hits the spot. Looking around is going to make your cock green with envy, as such it’s a good thing that these studs are ready to go at a moments notice. Give them an inch and they’re going to take a mile, are you ready to blow them out of the water!

$9.95 month discount to

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If I could give props to Joey Silvera I’d never stop giving them to him. This dude has really made his mark in porn and he isn’t about to slow down now. I’m a huge fan of him and have been for a number of years now and once you guys see what Shemale Idol has to offer you will be too.

A few of you guys have most likely already jerked off to the quality porn that he shoots for the Evil Angel network. Taking his already spotless talents to smoking hot shemales was a natural thing and quite honestly a brilliant thing to do. All the original content is really entertaining to see, with 610+ scenes and 500 or so picture galleries there isn’t a shortage of sexy shemales to enjoy.

Action is as xxx as it can get. You’ll see many cocks getting ass love and trust me the amount of jizz that they put out has to be seen to be believed. I can actually help you guys with that as a matter of fact, use this 76% off discount and you can jerk off to this action for as long as your dick can handle it!

Instantly Save $5 On Femboy Joy Shemales

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If you dig shemales with a soft, natural look boy are you in luck. I’ve been doing the rounds so to speak at Femboy Joy and well… things are certainly looking pretty fucking good. I’ve always found the pleasure that you get from a “real” shemale is something that can’t be faked. You know what I’m talking about as you guys feel the same.

The sooner you guys use this discount for 21% off, the sooner that you guys can start getting that all important soft touch feeling that only these girls can give. They’ve already got 235+ scenes on offer and 140+ picture sets as well.

Keep the new year off to a good start and treat yourself at the same time. If you claim that you’re a fan of Asian shemales you’d be 100% crazy not to snap up that tranny porn deal. There’s no need to thank me either, knowing that your enjoying yourself with those smooth looking girls is thanks enough for me!

Save Up To 15% Or $5 On Femboy Fever

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There is no need to check if your running a fever guys, even if you’re not you soon will be. I’m running about as hot as it can get and that’s largely down to the fact the chicks with dicks from Femboy Fever have been keeping me up all night long. Satisfaction does come in many forms, reaching that sweet spot is what it is all about and these girls will do just about anything to make sure that you reach it.


Nobody can deny that the soft sensual touch of a femboy is something that we all love and want. Just imagine how wicked things will get when you save up to 15% with this Femboy Fever deal. That cock of yours is going to get pleasured like it never has before. What makes that discount offer so good is it also includes 5 bonus sites from the network.


Now you guys have so much femboy action to enjoy you simply won’t know what to do with yourself. I could easily give you a few pointers but something tells me you’ll figure it out. Those girls are keen for you guys to join them so please be a gentleman and not keep them waiting!

British Twinks Suck & Fuck

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If you want to see some hot gay porn full of sexy little twinks, here’s where you can get up to 60% off at BriTwinks from The guys are young, the butts are tight, and you’ll even see some tattooed dicks, which is pretty hot if I do say so myself. What’s even better, if you’re into some kinkier shit, you’ll see some guys clamping their nipples and sucking their own dicks here too. There’s not a whole lot of that, but it definitely makes things interesting.

You’ll see plenty of duos and threesomes and you’ll see some gangbangs and group sex here as well. Lots of cock-sucking and stroking and up-close butt-shots are here as well as rimming and cumshots. Of course, there’s also anal sex and you’ll find some hot bareback action with this hot little number. You’ll get a better deal if you prefer not to download anything and simply stream the videos. There’s new video releases every week and once you’re a member, you’ll get access to lots of BTS footage as well. Check it out!

Sluts With Nuts & Cute Little Butts

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Young and fun with hot positive energy, these Thai Ladyboys are thrilled to be putting it all out there while they live their dreams and act out your fantasies. There’s lots of bareback sex and blowjobs. Butt plugs, cosplay, cum swapping, dildos, fetish, lingerie, facials, schoolgirl, S&M, and more are all performed spectacularly and you can check it out when you grab your Ladyboy Gold discount and save 17% off.

You’ll save $5 off your 30-day pass and gain access to several different tranny sites as part of a network package deal. Ladyboy Crush, Ladyboy Dildo, Ladyboy Girlfriends, Ladyboy Glamour, Ladyboy Vice, Ladyboy Wank, Ladyboys Fucked Bareback, and TS Raw are all here for you at no additional cost. Updates are happening four times each week, and you’ll have access to 1,400+ videos in the archives featuring more than 400 different ladyboys.

If you’re into pretty girls with a penis from the Far East, this is definitely your golden ticket into some hot porn. Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot deal on stunning ladyboys today!